WP Keddie Structure Plans

This garage plan is undated.  I think this garage sat railroad east of Keddie station - at the curve.  There were a couple of structures at this location.  I could be wrong on the location but I am not sure where else it would be.

Below are plans for various structures around Keddie.  You can click on any picture to download (view) a much larger copy.  The copies are clear enough to use for creating the structures.  You could take them to a copy place that can print them the original size (roughly 16x20) or just print them on multiple pages (or shrink) on your printer.  Most of these drawing are between 7-10 mb so they may take a minute or so to download.

This drawing and the following are of the machine shop that was right next to the roundhouse.  The front of this building changed over its life.  This, of course, is how it was built in 1931.  So, look at photos!

Everything you need to know about the roundhouse is right here in these next two drawings.  This is a very handsome 4 stall roundhouse.  The roundhouse itself pretty much remained as built all throught its (short) life.  The whisker tracks around the roundhouse changed quite a bit.

The plot plan which shows the relationship of the turntable, roundhouse and machine shop.

The WP plans for the Keddie station show the changes made to the station in 1931 (corresponding with the construction of the Highline). The station was lenghtened and I believe it stayed that length for the rest of its life. Just to the right is how the station appeared prior to the expansion. I have never quite figured out the length of that station. The question is how long is the freight station portion of the station. The station I built for Jim Dias was shorter than life but it looks good on his model railroad.

The next three drawings show the changes made in 1931.  You can figure out how the station looked after the remodel.

The next two drawing were made by John Ryczkowski. The single story drawing is what I used as a reference for building my station.  The drawing to the right does show how the original building looked but again, nothing on the length of the station. The drawing below is a good reference for the post 1937 version of the station. It does incorrectly state that the second story was removed in 1931. This is not the case. After the 1937 revision the station basically remained the same until it burned to the ground in the '70's.  There were lots of external changes to the siding and roof material.  The roof line was cut back and the side "Waiting Room" door was removed.  It really turned into a little used ugly building after the Zephyr was discontinued. The lower drawing has an invaluable measurement which is the length of the station. I would assume that this was the length of the station from the 1931 revision forward. Remember, look at photos...the drawing does not show that there are windows on the right side of the freight warehouse.  I also believe there were two freight doors on each side of the station from 1931 on but I do not know when the second door was removed.  Maybe these were gone in the later years but they were there in 1950!