Welcome to the Model Railroading section of avianpics.com.  I have loved trains all my life and a childhood passion carried into adulthood obsession!  I have finally been able to construct a fairly good size model railroad at our home in Central Oregon based on Western Pacific 3rd and 4th subdivisions in the August 1950 time frame.  Coincidentally the Western Pacific was known as the "Feather River Route" due to it following the Feather River Canyon in Northern California.

The "Western Pacific" sign shown below is hanging on the front of the train room building. This sign was at one point riveted to the side of a Western Pacific 28' pup trailer in the mid 1950's.  It is quite large, about 7ft by 3ft.  It has a little wear for its age but then again, it might be the only one left in the world. It is amazing what you can find on eBay! Click on the sign (right) to enter the train room. Click on the Western Pacific logo (left) to find out more about the model railroad.

If you have not visited this portion of the site then may I suggest you click on the Western Pacific logo (the left) to find out about the model railroad.  It will give you a little background information about what the model railroad is about.