Austin, TX - April 12-21, 2012

We went to Austin to find some spring birds and some sun and warmth.  Got there just in time for two days of unsettled weather (rain and wind) and a third day of being on the cool side.  Nice for the locals I suppose.  Overall birding was slow but you take what you can get.  Got four life birds.  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Golden-cheek Warbler, Black-crested Titmouse and American Golden Plover.  The wildflowers were just outstanding and lots of butterflys were out and about.  I had to revert to butterfly pictures on many occassions which is fine.  Next to birds I like taking photos of butterflies.  They are more difficult to photograph than birds on many occassions.

~~~~~~~~ April 13, 2012 ~~~~~~~~

I got a decent photo of a Scissor-tailed Flycatcher on the road on the way out of Songbird Meadows.  I really like these birds!

The Chickadee, Titmouse and Hummer photos were all taken at Songbird Meadows B&B.  It was a very cloudy and rainy start to the day.  These photos were taken in very low light conditions.  The blurry Chickadee photo was taken during a light rain and the bird was shaking itself off.  I think it is a neat photo with the in focus head and body in motion.

Stopped a Wildseed Farms between Johnson City and Fredericksberg.  Great tourist trap!  The Bewick's Wren's nesting by the entrance made it well worth the stop.

All the butterfly pictures were taken at Lady Bird Johnson Park near Fredericksberg. 

Birding was slow at Hornsby Bend.  The ducks were good.  Never got real close for photos of the various ducks and anyways it started raining. 

April 16-19

Stayed at Songbird Meadows B&B near Johnson City.  Nice B&B.  Great breakfast and three nice cottages on a nice big piece of land way out in the country.   Some friends from Austin came out on the 13th and we went and saw the sights around the area.  The hosts are great and definitely into birds.

A couple of unidentified Damselflys.  Taken at Lady Bird Johnson Park near Fredericksberg.

The wildflower far left is a Wine Cup.  The near left is a Gaura.

~~~~~~~~ April 14, 2012 ~~~~~~~~

Another cool overcast day.  We visited Pedernales Falls State Park near Johnson City.  They had some very nice bird blinds but forgot to invite the birds on this day.  Another day of more butterfly photos then bird photos.

All these butterfly pictures were taken at Pedernales Falls State Park.  Many were taken at the bird blind which had a nice butterfly garden. 

~~~~~~~~ April 15, 2012 ~~~~~~~~

Another cool overcast rainy day.  At this point we had moved to a Westin in North Austin.  We decided to run down to Hornsby Bend (the Austin sewage treatment plant) which is suppose to be a great birding spot.

April 16-19