The view from the balcony of the room at the Country Inn & Suites the first night in Panama City.  Nice view of the Bridge of the Americas.  We could watch ships coming and going to the Canal.   The birding around the property was nice.  A large park was off to the west and trees lined the waterfront.  The pictures below are from around the grounds of the Country Inn & Suites.
Ruddy Ground Dove                      Pale-vented Pigeon                             Tropical Mockingbird                Orange-chinned Parakeet
Just a little taste of the El Valle Canopy Lodge.  A very nice Eco-tourism lodge.  Rooms were large and quite comfortable.  Nice deck on each room.  The open air dining was great and the food was outstanding.  The wine (all you could handle) was complimentary with dinner. 

Tropical Kingfisher                             Palm-Tanager                                       Clay-colored Thrush

Panama Birding Adventure
November 7-13, 2009

This was a VENT (Victor Emanuel Nature Tours) trip.  We spend the first and last night at the Country Inn & Suites in Panama City.  The other nights were spent at the El Valle Canopy Lodge in El Valle, Panama.


Day 1, November 8, 2009

Drove from Panama City to El Valle Lodge.  We birded the lodge grounds, had lunch, and then walked up to Canopy Adventures.  79 species according to our guide.

Rufous Motmot - This is one of my favorite birds of the trip.                                                      Variable Seedeater

Left - White-lined Tanager - Immature

Right - White-lined Tanager - Female

Snow-bellied Hummer                          Rufous-tailed Hummer                                     Purple-crowned Fairy

Lizard trying to stay above the water                                                            Red-crowned Woodpeckers
                                                                                                                         Female to left, male to right
                                                                                                                        and yes, they are eating bananas!

Left - Red-legged Creeper

Right - Thick-billed Euphonia

Left - Keel-billed Toucan in the pouring rain.

Right - Crimson-backed Tanager - This bird was nicknamed "Velvet Elvis" by the group.

Does it get better than this?  Yes!

And the best possible way to finish off day 1 is to find a Tropical Screech Owl perched just off the walkway to our rooms.

To the right it is eating a juicy Katydid.

The pic on the left was illuminated with a flashlight.  The pic at right was taken with the ambient light from the lodge and a very high ISO setting.

El Valle Canopy Lodge


All the pictures below were taken at the El Valle Canopy Lodge or around the lodge.  The lodge had 4 feeder stations right off a large deck.  Perfect for viewing and photographing these beautiful tropical birds.  The weather was rain on-and-off for the first day (and everyday). 

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