New Jersey and Pennsylvania - Fall 2009

I have been wanting to visit two place during fall migration.  Those are Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania and Cape May in New Jersey.  Here are pictures from this trip where we visited both sites.  There are quite a few days with not a lot of pictures so many days are combined together.


Heinz NWF, Philadelphia, PA


Red-tailed Hawk

Marriot Seaview Villas
Absecon, NJ 10-04-09

This was a great way to start the stay.  The birding at the resort was outstanding.  Note the full crop (bulging area in front) on this bird.

On October 5th we headed south and did some birding with a Birding Pal (  We did get to Cape May and some other birding sites in the general area.

Top left - Check out the stat board for the Hawk Watch.

Above is an immature Bald Eagle sighted at The Villas, an abandoned golf course being reclaimed by nature.

A Mute Swan - The Meadows (A Nature Conservancy property).

A Peregrine Falcon Flyover at Cape May.


The next day, October 6th, was a drive down south again to ride the ferry from Cape May to Lewes, Delaware.

An immature gull of some sorts.  I hate identifying gulls, especially immature gulls!  This photo taken from the ferry.


A Laughing Gull pacing the ferry.


Royal Tern - Lewes Beach


A real cool spider and Preying Mantis at Henlopen State Park, Delaware.  This spider was pretty good size and in the middle of the road.  I herded it off the road so it would not get run over.


The bird feeders at Henlopen State Park headquarters had plenty of activity.  Above a Purple Finch, just to the right a Black-capped Chickadee.  This could be a Carolina Chickadee but I can't tell the difference.  Left is a Brown-headed Nuthatch.


Two more birds at the park headquarters.  Far left is a Palm Warbler.  The near left is a juvenile Chipping Sparrow.

Left - This beautiful Black Racer was a good 4 feet long and went right between my legs as it moved across the path.

A Mute Swan strutting his stuff.  He was being quite agressive towards another male.

Both photos taken at The Meadows

This is the Deleware Breakwater (Lewes)lighthouse at the park.  It was built in 1885 and deactivated in 1996.