All the butterfly pics below were taken at The High Desert Museum.  They have a really cool butterfly exhibit running until the end of March 2011.

Common Mormon (female) - Asian  

Owl Butterfly - Rain forests of Mexico, Central and South America.

Right has recently emerged from its chrysalis.

Mexican Bluewing - Mexico  

All the remaining butterfly pics are of Blue Morphos Blue Morphos are found in Central and South America. In fact, we saw them on our Panama Birding trip.

I did not do a good job on the depth-of-field on the left picture.  I also kind of did not get the entire critter either.  But, I still like the pic.  The wings just glow.

The picture to right certainly could use a little more depth-of-field.  But, it was my only shot and the butterfly flew off.  I think the flash scares them!

I just like the how the butterfly surrounds the flower.

Above and left - 
Isabella's Longwing

Brazil into Mexico 

Left (top) -
Band-celled Sister or
Mexican Sister

Central America, Mexico and lower Rio Grande Valley

Top, just above, above right and right -
Leopard Lacewing (m

India, Southern China, Indochina

All above - Postman
Left -  Common Egg fly

The following butterfly pictures were taken January 19th, 2011

The following butterfly pictures were taken January 26th, 2011

Above - Postman
Below - Red Cracker

Above - Blue-frosted Banner
Right -  The Malachite

Above and right -
Constantine's Swallowtail

Below and left -
Common Green Birdwing (male)

Right -
Leopard Lacewing

Above and right -

Left -  Common Egg fly

Right -

Common Mormon (Male) - Asian  

High Desert Museum 2010 Butterfly Exhibit