We visitied the Oregon Garden's in Silverton, OR.  Nice place and the hotel on the property is first rate.  A friend let me borrow a 12mm extension tube which I played with and took some photos of the flowers.  An extension tube greatly decreases the focal length of the lens and allows you to get just a few inches from a subject.  All these were taken with my 70-200 lens.  A few shots are without the extension tube.  I was thinking of junking most of these pics but I think some are nice enough to keep.  Oh, I bought an extension tube set for myself so more to come!

The Flowers section of Trains and Feathers

These pictures were taken at the Village Green Resort in Cottage Grove.  Very nice gardens on the hotel grounds.   I did get an extension tube set and they are lots of fun.

A little more depth-of-field whould have make this a much better picture.  Oh well, always learning!