Florida 2013 - April 13th - 25th

I really like birding Florida.  Mid-spring is a great time because of all the breeding Egrets and Herons.  I thought the birding would be a little better than it was.  But you can hit spring migration just perfectly.  I still had a good time.  We drove over 2100 miles in the time we were there.  The rental car company must of wondered where in the world we had gone.

Most of the photos were taken with a rented Canon 5D mk ii.  I wanted to see what a full frame camera would do.  The most obvious to me was the sharpness of many of the photos.  Next is the beautiful color (not saying my 7D would not do well in that respect too) which is the result of the large pixels in the full frame camera.  I was convinced that full frame was the way I wanted to go and ended up purchasing a 5D mk iii shortly after the trip.