This trip was 13 great days of bird watching.  The trip was split between Florida and Georgia.  The Georgia portion was to Little Saint Simons Island with the trip sponsored by The Nature Conservancy.  I took approximately 4400 photos on this trip.  Here are some of the best or most interesting.

We spent the first four nights in Orlando.  As typical for us we had no intention of hitting any of the local tourist attractions...except one.

One of my nemisis birds (as far as getting a photo) has been the Piliated Woodpecker.  I have not even seen this bird that often.  So, once again I was on the hunt to see and get a photo of this bird. 

Mission was easily accomplished at Wekiwa Springs State Park. This was practically the first bird sighted on this trip.  What a splended male.  Don't you just love the crest on this bird.  He put on quite a show for us.  What a great way to start the trip.   

~~~~~~~~ May 2, 2011 ~~~~~~~~

Another bird I really wanted to see was a Red-headed Woodpecker.  This was a new bird (lifer) and a good number were sighted in the Sandhill areas of Wekiwa Springs State Park.   The bird at right is in nest hole. 

Below are some other nice finds at Wekiwa Springs SP.  The dragonfly was eating a bee.  The Carolina Wren was singing and gathering nest material.  The Summer Tanager's (male) were bright and singing too.

The next (and last stop) for the day was Mead Garden.  It was a nice place but not a lot of birds.

To the right is just one of those classic pictures of a Great Blue Heron.  The lillies just added to the great pose of the bird.

It was fun to see fledged Tufted Titmouse (above left) and Red-bellied Woodpecker.  Both were begging for food from their respective parents. 

Just some other neat photos from Mead Garden.  There was a butterfly/hummingbird garden.  I only got a good picture of a Monarch.