Bird Watching Here and There - Early Trips

Most of these photos were taken in 2005, 06 and some in 07.  These are from the early days of my photography.  Some of these pictures would not even make the cut today but they are some of the only pictures I have of some birds or just pictures that bring back memories of fun bird outings.  Some of these photo were shot with a Canon 75-300 f4-5.6 lens.  That was a real lousy lens which I quickly figured out and within 6 months I got a 100-400 EF lens (which I have since sold). Back in those early days I shot .jpgs (did not really know any better) and some of these photos really reflect that fact (beside the fact I was learning a lot too).  Remember if you want to get serious about your photography always shoot raw format!

These photos are not presented in any particular order.  Most of the pictures were taken on East Cascades Bird Conservancy (the predecessor to the East Cascades Audubon Society).  Some of them are pretty good all things considered!

All these 5/7 photos were taken somewhere in Crook County, OR.

This photo was taken east of Bend, OR.  I was returning from a birding field trip and I saw this Red-tailed land with its lunch in mouth.

I do recall that the Ferruginous Hawk photo was taken near Paulina, OR.  It was the first time I had ever seen a Ferruginous.  It was nesting low in a Juniper.

The photo of the Downy Woodpecker was taken in Sunriver, OR on the Fall Migration Count.  My first encounter with a Downy Woodpecker.

Another photo taken during the Fall Migration Count.  Pretty cool shot with the fish in talons.

The photo of Bald Eagle I had originally labeled as a Golden Eagle.  My, what I have learned over the years.  This was an awesome flyover.  The bird was probably only 30 ft. over my head.

Maybe this was the first time I had seen a Black-backed Woodpecker.  I don't know.  Not a great picture but one of the only pictures I have of this bird.

This is the first and still the best photo I have of a Baird's Sandpiper.  Again taken on the Fall Migration Count.  It was just standing on the shore not 15 ft away.

The Ruby-crowned Kinglet photos are of the same bird.  I like the one which shows the ruby crown.  These were taken in Tumalo State Park just NW of Bend.

This is my only photo (and a crummy one) of a Brown Creeper.  I think this was taken in Shevlin Park
Bend, OR.

This is my only photo of a Three-toed Woodpecker.  I have no idea where I took this photo but I suspect it was around Wickiup Reservoir.

Right is one of my favorite Stellar's Jay photos.  Above is another nice Stellar's photo.  Left is my ONLY photo of a Clark's Nutcracker.  I took these at The Ridge Tahoe in Nevada. 

The photo of the White-breasted Nuthatch was taken at Calliope Crossing and the Virginia Rail was taken at Camp Polk.  Both of these sites are near Sisters, OR. 

I really like the Avocet all stretched out in the above photo.  The Willet was just skipping along the water.  Both photos taken at Summer Lake, OR. 

The Tree Swallow photo was taken at Sunriver, OR during the Spring Migration Count.  This is a popular nesting snag for these birds.

The photos to the left were all taken at home.  I believe the far left photo to be a juvenile Hairy Woodpecker.  The Cooper's Hawk had just taken flight when I snapped this picture.  I really like the Norther Flicker with the snow on the branches.

The Merganser photo was taken at Sawyer Park, Bend, OR.

The Black Oystercatcher photo was taken in Victoria, BC. 

I had to have this bird ID'ed for me.  I would have never figured out this was a juvenile Bullock's Oriole.

Above - Taken at George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary Vancover, BC

I completely forgot about these pictures.  I found them on a backup DVD I was about ready to toss. This was a ECBC field trip out to the high lakes.  In a marshy area a Cooper's Hawk was hunting and I managed to get these three cool pictures. 

I also found on that DVD these two photos.  First, I never knew I had this picture of the Gray Jay.  It is a pretty nice photo!  I also did not know about the Varied Thrush picture.  It is my only decent photo of a Varied Thrush.  I think these two photos were taken at Elk Lake campground.

I suspect the Marsh Wren photo was taken at Summer Lake, OR.

I very much recall taking this photo at Camp Polk (near Sisters, OR).

Left - I know this photo was taken just near Anna Reservior (just north or Summer Lake).  Too bad about those olive leaves in the way.  

The above photo is on the "Feathers" home page.  My best photo of a Harrier in flight.

This was taken at the Warm Springs highway 97 crossing of the Deschutes River on out way back from the trip up to Victoria, BC. 

My first photo of a Swainson's Hawk.  Pretty lousy photo but the memory of the photo is fresh  in my mind.  This hawk was calling to its chicks to come out of the nest and retrieve a rodent it had just dropped maybe 50-75 ft. from the nest.  In fact, the rodent just missed hitting me by maybe 10-15 ft. when it was dropped! Photo was taken near Shaniko, OR.

My first photo of American Bittern and below are my only photos of a Tri-colored Blackbird.

The top right photo is definitely a Gray Flycatcher.  The photo just above is quite likely a Gray Flycatcher.  That one was taken in the yard.