The first photo of the new year taken away from home.

Mountain Chickadee
Sunriver Nature Center

January 20th

April 3-4, 2011 a trip to Lower Klamath NWR and Tule Lake NWR

Above - Cinnamon Teal

Right - Gadwall (male)

Below - Gadwall (female)

Below - Shoveler

Above - Tundra Swan

Left - Western Grebe

Right - American White Pelican in full breeding plumage.

California Towhee

Klamath & Tule Lake Headquarters

Yellow-bellied Marmot

Refuge Headquarters

Great Horned Owl on nest.  You can see the chick in some of these photos.

Refuge Headquarters

Right - Bald Eagles

My only desire would have been a more photogenic perch.  Otherwise, just beautiful.

Tule Lake, NWR

American White Pelicans

Tule Lake, NWR

Snow Geese

Tule Lake, NWR

Pied-billed Grebe

Tule Lake, NWR

April 23, 2011 Cascades Raptor Center Fund Raiser - Eugene, Oregon    

I had some Photoshop fun with the photo on the right of "Patriot" the Bald Eagle.

Above and right -
White-tailed Kite

Above -
Northern Saw-whet Owl

Above -
American Kestrel

Below -
Western Screech Owl

Left and below left -

Forster's Tern

Below - Killdeer

Right and below right -
A good day for spotting American Bittern

Lewis's Woodpecker

Below - Western Kingbird

June 1, 2011 - Finally a trip to Summer Lake, OR                               

Bald Eagle

Klamath Marsh NWR
June 1, 2011

Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto, CA
                             June 05, 2011

Below - Marbled Godwits

Left - California Thrasher

Not the greatest picture but this was a great bird and only the second time I have seen one (and my first photo).

Morgan Hill, CA

Wild Turkeys

Morgan Hill, CA

Unidentified Damselfly and Dragonfly


Below - Caspian Terns

Below - Killdeer Stretch

Left - White-faced Ibis

I had some fun in Photoshop with this picture!  I did not like the exposure and sharpness of the picture so I turned it into this.

Below - Snowy Plover

OK, lousy photo but my only photo of this bird.

Unidentified Damselfly and Dragonflys

Sunriver Nature Center

East Cascades Audubon Society trip to Summer Lake - 8/3/2011

East Cascades Audubon Society trip to Summer Lake - 9/11/2011

Left - Red-breasted Sapsucker

Left - American White Pelicans

Below - Great Horned Owl

Right - Unidentified Damselfly and Dragonflys

Below - Northern Harrier

East Cascades Audubon Society trip to Wickiup Reservoir - 9/14/2011

Right - Common Loon

Left - American White Pelicans

Sheep Bridge

Above left and center - Twelve-spotted Skimmer

East Cascades Audubon Society trip to Eagle Crest - 9/21/2011

Right - Mute Swan

Below -Cooper's Hawk

Right - Warbling Vireo

Crummy photo but a life bird!

Below right -
Western Tanager

Birding here and there...mostly around Oregon, 2011

October 1

Below - Towsend's Solitaire
Dry Canyon

October 2, 2011

Left - A very uncommon raptor in Deschutes county.  Even a more uncommon sighting for me.  Not a great photo but the best under the circumstances.

East Cascades Audubon Society trip to High Lakes - 10/8/2011

Right - Dry Canyon

October 2, 2011

Burns Oregon to see Snowy Owl - 12/3 and 12/4 2011