Bird Watching Here and There, 2009

This page was formerly devoted to bird pics from around Oregon.  But, many short (one or two day) trips are made to places that do not warrant there own pages.  So, this page (and similar pages) now have all the pictures from these short bird watching trips .

Not a great picture of a Mountain Bluebird.  We saw a number of these around the rest stop on Hwy 20 west of Burns.
Near Riley, OR, 5/3/09
In a light rain I got a decent picture of an Avocet.
South of Burns along Hwy 205, 5/03/09
This Western Meadowlark was singing away...probably happy for the little respite in the rain.
South of Burns along Hwy 205, 5/3/09

There were Sandhills all over the place.  These two took a stroll right in front of the car.  I just like the composition with the two birds looking in opposite directions.

Center Patrol Road, Malheur NWR, 5/3/09

Harriers were all over the place too.  I have never seen so many males as were spotted around this area.  They seemed to outnumber the females.  This is not a real sharp picture.  These birds moved so fast in the breeze. 

Center Patrol Road, Malheur NWR, 5/3/09

I took a good 100 or more photos on May 4th.  Most of which are not worthy of putting on the web site.   The two best spots of the day were a Ferruginous Hawk just sitting in a tree right above the road but in a steady rain.  Also Lewis's Woodpeckers were spotted at Frenchglen.  I was within 15 ft of one and managed to get lots of OK pictures of a very wet woodpecker!
A unexpected sighting was this Sora. I was playing Sora calls and it suddenly appeared on the other side of the road.  It was raining and I was not really prepared for the bird coming right out in the open.  None of the pictures were perfect.  The Sora walked across the road not 20 ft in front of us.
Diamond, OR, 5/4/09
A cooperative Song Sparrow.  I got lots of pictures of this guy singing its song.  Knox Ponds, Malheur NWR, 5/4/09
Snipes were all over where we stayed in Diamond.  They were flying making the real cool Snipe flight noise.  This one was sitting on a post in a steady rain.  It was so close that even with poor lighting the picture still turned out OK.
Near Diamond, OR, 5/4/09. 
We spotted lots of Ring-necked Pheasants.  The males were just beautiful.  This one stood still long enough to get a decent picture in the rain.
Central Patrol Road, Malheur NWR, 5/4/09
I really wanted to get a nice up close picture of a White-faced Ibis in good sunlight.  This bird really lights-up in the sun.  It was not to be this trip. 
Central Patrol Road, Malheur NWR, 5/4/09
Finally some blue sky on Tuesday but that darned wind just kicked-up and really blew.  Any quantities of birds were nowhere to be found.  The best birds were after we left the refuge.
This Ruddy Duck just has the bluest bill.  He was riding the surf in the wind!
Buena Vista Ponds, Malheur NWR, 5/5/09
Every once-and-awhile we would find a bird or two.  This Cinnamon Teal came out of the reeds for a short bit.   The picture below is with his girlfriend.  This is a great looking duck.
Central Patrol Road, Malheur NWR, 5/5/09 
The Northern Shoveler is a good looking bird too.
Central Patrol Road, Malheur NWR, 5/5/09
The birding at the refuge headquarters is suppose to excellent.  Too much wind, and no birds except for a Townsend's Solitaire.
Malhur NWR, 5/5/09
After leaving the refuge we started spotting Long-billed Curlew in the flooded fields (from the rain).  This one is really different looking in color from the picture taken on 5/3/09.
South of Burns, along hwy 205, 5/5/09
The Female Yellow-rumped Warbler was a beauty in her own right.  Her male friends were really looking good.
Just south of Burns, 5/5/09
We found a flock of Wilson's Phalaropes in a flooded field.  Just south of Burns, 5/5/09
Last was a great find.  Five or 6 Lark Sparrows drinking from a drainage ditch.  This was back at the rest stop we stopped at on the way to Burns on 5/3.  We wanted to check for Mountain Bluebirds to try to get some more pics (we found them but no better pictures were taken) and saw these guys land right by the side of the highway.
Rest stop near Riley, OR, 5/5/09

P.S. - Bruce you are forgiven!
The latest trip to Summer Lake was on May 18th.  It was our third trip out to this location for the year.
Many Avocet's were at Summer Lake.   These pictures were taken at various places.  Many Avocet's are on eggs.  The above right is a bird on a nest and to the right are some eggs (not the same nest as above right).
A few dozen Wilson's Phalaropes were found.  The females are the ones with the dark stripe down the neck.
The Great-horned Owls out near the old Barn had two chicks.  Both chicks are out of the nest.  They were a little bothered by the photography but mom (left) was used to the attention.

Cliff Swallow    

And finishing up this picture set are a:
Bonaparte's Gull (above left),
Yellow-headed Blackbird,
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle subspecies),
Cassin's Vireo,
American Bittern hiding in the reeds. 

Marsh Wren's staking out territory and chattering away.

A trip out to Summer Lake on 4/20/09



Black-necked Stilt

Great Horned Owl on Nest.

Sage Sparrow

A trip out to the high desert east of Bend on 4/11/09

Savannah Sparrow

A trip out to the high desert east of Bend on 2/02/09

Golden Eagles - This is a crummy pictures but I will probably never get another opportunity to get a picture like this.  The sun was to the birds backs so the lighting is just terrible.  But, a mated pair of Golden Eagles perched right near each other on a beautiful snag.  It just does not get better than that.  This picture was taken about 15 miles east of Bend.

Male Common Merganser
Sawyer Park, Bend, OR

Yellow-rumped Warbler -
Wickiup Reservoir

Chipping Sparrow
Davis Lake

Bald Eagle on nest - Wickiup Reservoir

Rufous Hummingbird

Black-headed Grosbeak -
Female above, male right.

On July 11th we visited some friends who live near Sunriver, OR.
Some real nice birds were visiting the feeders.

July 13 was a great day for a hike in Shevlin Park in Bend.

Tule Lake NWR, CA - 9/25/09

I visited the Cosumnes River Preserve which is just south of Sacramento, CA on  CA - 11/01/09

Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve
Near Santa Cruz, CA - 10/25/09

Lewis's Woodpecker

Western Grebes

American White Pelicans


Sandhill Crane

Northern Pintail

Redhead male and female.
West of Burns along Hwy 205, 5/03/09

Oregon Coast, CA - 7/26/09

Unfortunately I do not remember exactly where these photos were taken.  Far left is a White-crowned Sparrow with a mouth full of bugs.  Center is a Great Blue Heron high in a tree.  Above is a Wrentit. 


Everything following was taken at the Newport Aquarium on 7/27/09.

Tufted Puffin - captive

Right - Black Oystercatcher.  The captive Black Oystercatchers had a chick.  Above a parent is showing the chick what to eat.  Right is a picture of the chick.

Glass art in Aquarium


Below - Sea anemone