Did you know there are four subspecies of Northern Cardinal in the US? The western subspecies are brighter and have taller crests. The male to the left certainly is bright.  This is Cardinalis cardinalis superbus.

This female Northern Cardinal is just beautiful. The crest is striking on this gal.

American Bullfrogs! Damn them anyways. An invasive species in the West (native to Eastern and Central US) that just wreck ecosystems. But, they sure make a great croaking sound and are very picturesque and I admit are quite cool looking.



Probably the same male in both the Quail shots. What a handsome boy.

Red-winged Blackbirds are common throughout the US. In fact, they may be the most common endemic bird in the country. When caught in just the right light they can be a very photogenic subject.

The photo of the American Kestrel was taken just after sunset. Not a great picture but it was taken with a flash from a good 75-100 ft away (Better Beamer attached to flash unit). The story is that it is perched on a bat house and would hunt the bats as they exited the house. It caught one on two of the three nights we watched.