Above - There are plenty of non-captive birds to see on the Sonoran Desert Museum property.  Above is a Verdin and right are two Cactus Wrens (the Arizona State Bird).

Some of the mammal collection at the museum were (clockwise left):
Grey fox,
Peccary and
Big Horned Sheep

Above right - Masked Bobwhite (endangered and breeding in the aviary).

Far right - Black-headed Grosbeak

Near right - Yellow-headed Grosbeak 

One of the most memorable events of the trip was the encounter with "Jasper" (named by the staff) at the resort restaurant's outdoor dining area.  Apparently this Roadrunner makes a daily appearance and it showed up within 2 minutes of us sitting down for drinks and appetizers.  I was at times within 8 feet of this bird while taking pictures.  Jasper also has a chick still begging to be fed.  This was just a great experience.  Yes...over 100 photos of this Roadrunner were taken!

Left is a really neat piece of art work that was in the Prairie Dog colony enclosure.  I am not sure what kind of Vulture it is but I liked it!

There was a captive Black-tailed Prairie Dog colony at the museum.  I think the signage said they are extinct in the wild in Arizona.  Wiped out by good old mankind.  The one in the far right picture looks like he is into some kind of zen trance.  His colony mate makes a good back rest!

Back where we were staying, at the Star Pass Golf Suites, the Gamble's Quail liked to hang out in the brush just off the patio.  This afforded some good picture taking opportunities.


Left - A few pictures of the captive hummers.  Above left is a female Costa's and below that picture is the male Costa's.  Near left is a immature male Black-chinned Hummer.

Lastly at the museum I got a picture of a Zebra-tailed Lizard.

Some of the flowers in bloom around the resort.